Financial Statement Dives

Comprehensive analysis delving into financial statements for profound business insights and strategies.

Financial Dive Packages

Financial Statement Dives entail a meticulous exploration of your financial records, unlocking deep insights and trends that drive strategic decisions. By scrutinizing income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, this service unveils the financial health and performance indicators of your business.
Our approach involves a thorough dissection of your financial data, aiming not just to understand past performance but to illuminate pathways for future success. We dig beyond the numbers, uncovering key drivers influencing profitability, efficiency, and potential risks.

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“Test the Water” – Free Consultation

Test the Water

Dip your toes in the financial waters with our Free Consultation – it's as free as a bird... or a fish! Pick a date and time that suits your schedule, and we'll dive into a quick 15-minute chat. We'll talk about your business, goals, and the hurdles you've faced in keeping your financials ship-shape. After our chat, we'll whip up a detailed quote and pricing structure to see if we're ready to embark on this adventure together. We've got prepaid, weekly, and monthly options – no contracts, and feel free to bail out anytime!

Surface Swim

Engage in a focused 45-minute consultation with our Shore Swim service, offering a high-level discussion and comprehensive review of your current financial statements. Benefit from strategic advice on the optimal setup of a chart of accounts, including crucial considerations. Should you choose to enlist our services for further account creation or correction within your financials, the cost of the Shore Swim will be credited towards either the 'Mini Dive' or 'Deep Dive' package. Elevate your financial strategy with our insightful Shore Swim consultation.

Mini Dive

Embark on a comprehensive financial journey with our Mini Dive service. Beyond the surface, we delve deep into your business intricacies to craft a tailored chart of accounts aligned with your industry and U.S. GAAP standards. Our meticulous approach involves remapping and numbering accounts, creating specialized accounts for tax optimization, and providing invaluable insights to streamline your financial processes. Navigate tax time confidently as we empower you with a strategic chart of accounts designed to enhance efficiency and maximize benefits.

Deep Dive

Optimize your financial records with our Deep Dive service. We conduct a meticulous cleanup or catch-up of your books, adhering to U.S. GAAP standards. Our analysis drills into the Balance Sheet and Income Statement, ensuring accurate reclassification and allocation. Benefit from our expertise in crafting balance sheet reconciliation worksheets and setting up note payable accounts with precise amortization schedules and interest expense allocation. Elevate your financial precision with our streamlined deep dive.

Your Accounting System or Ours

With the proper online access, we can work within your accounting system or integrate your data into ours. When using our accounting software, we provide 24/7 access to your books at any time. Whether you’re merging from one software and into ours or creating a new set of books. You’ll have the freedom to access, review, & print reports at your convenience at any time.

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