Teach Your Team

Equip your small team with expert accounting guidance through customizable time blocks, avoiding standard long-term contracts.

Teach Your Team

Do you have a small staff, or are you running the show? Outsourcing isn’t always the best cost-saving option for many small companies, so we offer hands-on training with you and your team. 

This package allows you to purchase blocks of time where an experienced staff accountant or CPA can answer your team’s general accounting questions & guide them on proper accounting entries.

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How's It Work?

The meeting times will be scheduled during regular business hours. Employees reach out during those times to ask questions or help with accounting procedures. The time you paid for – NEVER EXPIRES. We will keep track of time spent and provide a report with the remaining time available. At any point, you can buy additional time. Examples include setting up new accounts, understanding the impact of coding, selling, or purchasing assets, depreciation, amortization, Excel worksheets and formulas, recording prepaid, job costing customer setup, ad-hoc reporting, and tracking work-in-process.

Why not invest in your human capital by giving them the tools to be successful? Our approach is not a classroom atmosphere or tons of material to read through; it’s one-to-one or team meetings with down-to-earth explanations using actual items or questions that occur in your everyday business operations.


Your Accounting System or Ours

With the proper online access, we can work within your accounting system or integrate your data into ours. When using our accounting software, we provide 24/7 access to your books at any time. Whether you’re merging from one software and into ours or creating a new set of books. You’ll have the freedom to access, review, & print reports at your convenience at any time.

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