Audit & Tax

Thorough and meticulous audits, compilations & reviews for accuracy and reliability in business financial reporting.

Audit Services

At JHG Accounting Firm, we specialize in providing comprehensive auditing, review, and compilation services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring accuracy, transparency, and compliance in financial reporting.

From meticulous reviews of financial statements to efficient compilation engagements, we prioritize attention to detail and thoroughness. Additionally, we take pride in our role as leaders in external audits, including financial, sales tax, and business insurance audits. While full-blown audits may require a dedicated team effort, our expertise and leadership ensure smooth and successful audit processes.

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Tax Services

At FishBone Tax Services, we specialize in offering comprehensive tax services tailored to both small businesses and individuals. Our expertise lies in simplifying tax processes, maximizing deductions, and ensuring compliance.

For more intricate tax matters beyond our scope, we collaborate closely with trusted tax advisory partners. This collaborative approach allows us to seamlessly address complex tax questions and provide our clients with the most accurate and effective guidance for their unique situations.

Rest assured, whether your needs are straightforward or require specialized attention, we’re committed to delivering reliable and personalized tax solutions

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Why Choose Us

Empowering Financial Confidence

At FishBone Financial Services, we distinguish ourselves with a refreshing approach to accounting and bookkeeping services. Unlike other firms, we offer the flexibility of weekly or monthly payments, with no binding contracts. We understand the critical role cash management plays, and our commitment is to avoid putting your finances in crisis month after month.

Discover the difference by scheduling a ‘Test the Waters’ consultation or exploring our transparent pricing structure. We prioritize your financial well-being and strive to seamlessly fit within your budget, empowering you with the confidence to navigate your business’s financial journey.

Your Accounting System or Ours

With the proper online access, we can work within your accounting system or integrate your data into ours. When using our accounting software, we provide 24/7 access to your books at any time. Whether you’re merging from one software and into ours or creating a new set of books. You’ll have the freedom to access, review, & print reports at your convenience at any time.